ERP Solutions

Enterprise resource planning is business software and helps in managing the resources of a business in a planned manner. Amlogix is proud to be associated with the service of ERP Solutions which it is able to provide its clients with an assurance that there business is on the path of growth. We are able to provide ERP Solutions in all the faces of a business like:

  • Production
  • Development
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales

These five fields are very essential for a business and we believe that ERP Solutions which are generated to find solutions for these areas of business are able to provide clients with end solutions which are reliable and worthwhile. Our ERP Software's are designed in manner which keeps the clients requirement in mind and then produces results which are beneficial.

Our teams of experts are able to understand the client's requirement individually and believe that each business can have a different set of solution and thus the ERP Software's are generated keeping the business goals in mind.

What we offer our clients is:
  • ERP Software to handle the data in an organized manner.
  • ERP software which helps in increasing customer's response.
  • ERP Software to manage financial insights.

We are a pioneer in providing solutions to our clients and our service of ERP Solutions is able to reach the depth of the client's desire and is able to generate solutions which prove to be beneficial for the client. We have taken an oath of delivering quality and this is a promise that we always keep in mind while delivering solution services to our clients. Our team which is experienced and professional is also trained on the norms of providing quality based service to our clients.

The ERP Solution Services provided by Amlogix are:

ERP Financial

Finance for a company is a very sensitive part and thus we provide such solutions which help the client in generating reports which are accurate as this helps them to see the future growth of the company in a direct manner. We even help our clients by reducing their cost of production which helps them in increasing their profitability.

ERP Human Capital Management

Staff or employees are considered to be the true wealth of a company and thus we are able to improve work performance of the employees which in return generates more income for the client. We are able to deliver quality HR Process while keeping the cost in mind. The software is also able to generate the workforce requirement for the coming months which enables the company to be prepared with in advance.

ERP Corporate Service

Our ERP software for corporate services helps in increasing the transparency of the client with its corporate clients. It helps in increasing the level of efficiency which on the other hand is able to generate a much better flow of income and overall proves to be beneficial for the business. This is all achieved keeping high quality standards.

ERP Sales and Service

We help our clients from sales to service which needs to be given to the customer. It is like complete software which handles the star to finish process. It enhances the entire order and cash cycle which brings the client in a much organized framework. It also helps in reducing the cost and improvising on the productivity.

ERP Product Development

Our ERP Software for product development helps our clients by reducing the cost and increasing the quality of the product. This brings a high return to the business which proves to be beneficial for the client. The software is even able to fix any problems and is able to generate potential solutions at the same time.

Our team and innovative ideas with high quality and reduced cost is thus able to generate such ERP Solutions which are difficult to get as a package in the market. We are a professional company which deals in the business with full professionalism and is able to generate solutions for each and every problem that is thrown at us.